Cooper Bills


Autonomous MAV Flight in Indoor Environments using Single Image Perspective Cues

Cooper Bills, Joyce Chen, Ashutosh Saxena. ICRA 2011 (pdf)



M.Eng. Computer Science

Cornell University ’12

Welcome to my little corner of the internet.

Intel Robotics Competition Creation - Fall 2010

Intel sponsored robotics competition.  My focus in the communication between servers and robots

Proximity Alarm Clock - Started Summer 2010

A microcontroller-based alarm clock using various proximity sensors to wake the user efficiently

Ascension 6 - Spring 2010

A “3D” Puzzle/Platformer computer game developed for CIS 3000 - Video Game Design

Lead Programmer - 10000+ lines of code - Team of 6

Talking Voltmeter - Spring 2010

A volt-meter with a talking readout.  Min/Max/Avg and frequency measurements

Designed and built in a weekend - Team of 2

Artificial Intelligence Practicum: “Final Decision” - Fall 2009

Development and training of artificial neural networks in a simulated environment

MX Revolution Charging Fix - Fall 2006

An old personal project to fix a charging issue in one of Logitech’s mice

I still get thank you e-mails to this day