Proximity Alarm Clock


This alarm clock uses proximity sensors to detect a user’s presence in bed, and automatically stops the alarm after the user gets up.  There is no way of disabling the alarm, so it will continue to go off until the user is out of bed.  This project began with the goal to capture that extra time in the day after hitting snooze button.


  1. -Real Time Clock module (using the I2C bus) for precision timekeeping

  2. -WWVB module for automatic time synchronization

  3. -Ability to use multiple types of proximity sensors

  4. -Modular design (in both hardware and code) for easy customization

However, this project has been put on hold.  This includes documentation and code. 

I have made unfinished products available here:  Documentation and Code.

Here are a couple pictures of the system using a pressure sensor (Most recent development uses a capacitive/electric field sensor):

Personal Project - Started Summer 2010

Above: Modularized alarm system with modules labeled.

Below: Early pressure sensor prototype in use.